All speakers have to submit an abstract (200 words maximum) for the conference booklet and a 3-8 pages paper for the conference proceedings. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2017 extended deadline for submission is April 10, 2017.

Papers can be created using LaTeX or Microsoft Word, with the templates provided below. But you are asked to submit your paper in pdf format.

Templates for papers

Electronic submission is done in four steps. The submitting author is the contact person for this submission. Several submissions are possible with the same account. The blue buttons on the submission form should be used to save the different parts of a submission. Please follow the following guidelines.

  1. Create an account
    Open up and follow the instructions. It is requested to enter an email address serving as an account identifier and a password containing at least one digit and a capital letter to protect access to the account. Then you will receive a confirmation email from, entitled “Verify account”. Make sure that this mail is not treated as a spam. Please click the validation link (or copy in your browser) to validate the account creation.
    You can change the account settings later by logging in to with your username and password.

  2. Create a submission
    1. Log onto with your login (email address) and your password. At the first connexion enter your first name and last name.
    2. Click “New Submission”.
    3. Create your submission by filling at least the field “Title”.
    4. Click the blue “Save content” button. Your submission is now created. It can be modified as many times as needed, but it will be finalized only at the end of step 4.

  3. Manage a submission
    Prior to finalization by the green button (Step 4), a submission can be modified as many times as needed until March 31, 2017 April 10, 2017. This step is not necessary if the submission has been fully created in step 2. To modify a submission, click (“Manage submission…”) on the main menu of the submission site. Don’t forget to save the modifications.

  4. Finalize a submission
    On the main menu of the submission site, click on the submission to be finalized definitively (“Manage submission …”). To finalize a submission, it is mandatory to provide the full list of authors, abstract, keywords (from the drop-down list below) and paper in pdf format. Do not forget to click on the “Add author” button after having filled the details of each author.
    If all elements of the submission have been provided, clicking on the green button “Finalize and Send to Reviewer(s)” validates the submission. It can no longer be changed or deleted afterwards.
    After the creation of a submission and after its finalization, you will receive an e-mail summarizing the details you have filled in for your contribution.

Keyword list of the submission form

For invited sessions, the keyword is the name of the session. For contributed sessions, choose relevant keywords from the list below. Note that the keywords of the paper may be different from the keywords in this drop-down list.

  • (Invited) Advanced Mathematical Methods in System Reliability and Maintenance (H. Okamura)
  • (Invited) Advances in Step-Stress Modeling (U. Kamps, M. Kateri)
  • (Invited) Applications of Stochastic Orders in Reliability (M. Finkelstein)
  • (Invited) Bayesian Inference for Degradation Models (C. Paroissin)
  • (Invited) Big Data in Reliability (W.Q. Meeker, Y. Hong)
  • (Invited) Censoring Methodology (E. Cramer)
  • (Invited) Coherent Reliability System and Recurrent Events (E. Peña)
  • (Invited) Cure Models (L. Bordes, C. Paroissin)
  • (Invited) Degradation Based Reliability Modelling and Maintenance Decision Making (J. Yang)
  • (Invited) Deterioration Modelling and Applications (M. Fouladirad)
  • (Invited) Deterioration Models (M. Giorgio, S. Mercier)
  • (Invited) Dynamic Reliability Models and Statistical Inference (E. Peña)
  • (Invited) Estimation of Rare Events Probabilities (A. Lannoy)
  • (Invited) Extremes in Reliability and Safety (S. Girard)
  • (Invited) Industrial Applications of MMR (V. Krivtsov)
  • (Invited) Inference Under Censoring (F. Ruggeri)
  • (Invited) ISBA/IS Special Session (F. Ruggeri)
  • (Invited) Lifetime Data Analysis (M.L.T. Lee, C. Huber)
  • (Invited) Likelihood-based Methods in Lifetime Data (N. Balakrishnan)
  • (Invited) Maintenance Modeling (M. Finkelstein, M. Shaffiee)
  • (Invited) Maintenance Modelling and its Indexes (L. Cui)
  • (Invited) Maintenance Policies (S. Mercier)
  • (Invited) Modeling and Analysis of Correlated Failure Time Data: Copulas and Spatial and Aspects (A. Adekpedjou, J.Y. Dauxois)
  • (Invited) Multi-State System Reliability – 1 (G. Levitin, L. Xing)
  • (Invited) Multi-State System Reliability – 2 (G. Levitin, L. Xing)
  • (Invited) Multi-State System Reliability – 3 (G. Levitin, L. Xing)
  • (Invited) Networks/Clouds - Resilience, Maintenance and Security (Y.F. Li, G. Levitin)
  • (Invited) Panel session: Is Reliability a New Science ? (K. Wilson)
  • (Invited) Recent Advances in Applied Statistical Methods (M.L.T. Lee, C. Huber)
  • (Invited) Recent Advances in Failure Time Data Modeling with Partial Observations (A. Adekpedjou, J.Y. Dauxois)
  • (Invited) Reliability of Complex Systems (B.H. Lindqvist)
  • (Invited) Reliability and Optimization in Shock Models (S. Eryilmaz)
  • (Invited) Resilience Modeling (E. Pohl)
  • (Invited) Sensitivity Analysis in Reliability (V. Rykov)
  • (Invited) Signature 1 (C. Paroissin)
  • (Invited) Signature 2 (C. Paroissin)
  • (Invited) Special Session in honor of Wenbin Wang – 1 (W. Zhang, R.Pen)
  • (Invited) Special Session in honor of Wenbin Wang – 2 (W. Zhang, R.Pen)
  • (Invited) Special Session in honor of Wenbin Wang – 3 (W. Zhang, R.Pen)
  • (Invited) Statistical Analysis of Dependent Random Variables (I. Dewan)
  • (Invited) Stochastic Ordering and Dependence (S. Mercier)
  • (Invited) Structural Reliability (E. Remy)
  • (Invited) System Reliability Estimation and Evaluation (H. Peng)
  • (Invited) System Reliability and Maintenance Modeling (S. Inoue)
  • (Invited) Theoretical Advances in System Reliability (B.H. Lindqvist)
  • (Invited) Warranty Policy Evaluation and Maintenance (M. Fouladirad)
  • (Invited) Warranty and Maintenance Modeling with Applications (M. Kimura)
  • (Contributed) Accelerated Life Testing
  • (Contributed) Bayesian Methods in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Case Studies in Reliability Analysis
  • (Contributed) Computational Methods in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Decision Making in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Degradation Modeling and Analysis
  • (Contributed) Extremes in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Imperfect Repair Modeling
  • (Contributed) k-out-of-n Systems
  • (Contributed) Lifetime Data Analysis
  • (Contributed) Lifetime Distributions Theory
  • (Contributed) Maintenance Modeling and Analysis
  • (Contributed) Multi-State and Continuous-State System Reliability
  • (Contributed) Network Reliability
  • (Contributed) Online Monitoring
  • (Contributed) Optimization Methods in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Prognostic and Health Management
  • (Contributed) Safety and Risk Assessment
  • (Contributed) Sensitivity Analysis in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Signatures
  • (Contributed) Software Reliability and Testing
  • (Contributed) Stochastic Aging
  • (Contributed) Stochastic Dependence in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Stochastic Orders in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Stochastic Processes in Reliability
  • (Contributed) Structural Reliability
  • (Contributed) Warranty Modeling and Analysis
  • (Contributed) Others